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5 Possible Reasons Why You Are Failing To Get A Job Interview

April 18th, 2016


You’re applying for jobs. No one is getting back to you and now you are deciding to have a nap because life is hard and no one wants you. Been there done that “I can’t get a job interview”! The pursuit of employment is making you rip out your hair and in the process you are wondering why they are grey – at only 25. So now you want to book into a hair salon to get natural colouring, but you don’t have a job to afford the colossal costs. What a vicious cycle!

But, there’s good news. You can fix it and believe it or not it’s relatively easy. You see, you are being drowned out by 5.5% of the unemployed population (Census data as at 17 March 2016 – http://www.abs.gov.au/census) who are probably making the same mistakes as you. 600,000 people are all applying for jobs and I guarantee that most are struggling for simple easily fixed problems.

The following are 5 possible reasons why you are failing to get a job interview:

5. Not following up for a job interview

Follow up! Follow up! Follow up! Chant it as a daily ritual until you get to the point where you will naturally just follow up. Not only is this good practice for showing employers that you are enthusiastic and organised, but this practice might possibly be crucial to the performance of your job also. Next time you apply call up the employer, ask for the HR Manager and ask them if they could check that they received your email. Tell them you appreciate their consideration of your application and let them know you look forward to hearing back from them. They will feel pleased that you are proactive and best of all they will likely remember you among the hundreds of other applications who don’t practice this method!

4. Not applying for enough jobs

Let’s face it. Lots of people are desperately looking for a job. This means that employers are probably receiving hundreds of applications and only few resumes are being looked at before resorting to more until they have a big enough short list. How is this relevant? Well – even if you have a fantastic resume with lots of skillsets you could be missed. Apply for jobs, lots of them. In fact, if you incorporate the principle defined above this should reduce the amount of job applications you need for the same effect.

3. Facebook profile photos (and general online presence)

If you think employers stalking candidates is creepy, well, consider the typical employer creepy and there’s nothing you can do about it. Unless you are applying to be a personal trainer it’s probably wise to cover your 6 pack with a shirt. Equally, if your 6 pack is the kind that you purchase from a bottle shop – don’t advertise that either! An employer wants to see maturity and while there’s nothing wrong with drinking and having a good time, a beer in the hand of your profile photo doesn’t exactly say “I take pride in my perception”. Do yourself a favour, upload a nice respectable mugshot of yourself and privatise your social antics and who knows, you might even score a woman/man as well as a job!

2. Possessing a terrible email address

If your email address is “auzziebabe4u@hotmail.com” or “predator69@gmail.com” I suggest you change your email and fast. If you don’t know how to do this then call me. I will create a new email on your behalf. For the sake of all things good, just change it – now.

1. A poor resume

Ahuh, a poor resume. Who would have guessed? I’ve seen some very bad resumes but one of the best decisions you can make is to get a professional on the case! A resume is essentially a marketing tool and it reflects who you are. People actually “judge a book by its cover” and those who think otherwise are sorely mistaken. If your resume is sloppy and consists of mistakes then an employer will think that you are sloppy in the work you do. Let me make you look good. Actually – let me make you look fabulous. You’ve got some amazing credentials but having them displayed in a way which is detrimental is not a good thing and it can go against your efforts of getting a job interview.

There are many probable reasons as to why you just can’t land a job interview but chances are these 5 are your biggest culprits. If you feel as though you could market yourself better then you are already on the right track. Following these 5 principles will allow you to colour your hair and hide those grey streaks in no time!

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– Erhan Erkilinc