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5 Reasons Why You Should Justify Yourself To Get What You Want

April 24th, 2016


The word “justify” seems to be such an underrated term, if only more people understood the power of justifying your ideas in full. Have you ever noticed on restaurant menus they justify each food item with such descriptive words to captivate you? What sounds better of the following:

  • “Chicken Parmigiana – A piece of chicken with fries and salad”; or
  • “Chicken Parmigiana – A large crispy chicken breast drizzled with our delicious in house sauce, a generous helping of golden thick-cut crispy fries and a garden fresh salad with your choice of our selected international dressings.”

Get the idea? Persuasion is an art – it helps you get what you want. Restaurants don’t use fancy words just to sound good, they use them to sell. Now, imagine if you used the same principle to sell yourself. Justifying yourself makes your claims feel less empty and more powerful.

The following short points are 5 reasons why you should justify yourself to get what you want:

5. Showing confidence

If you come across as confident, people will believe what you have to say and listen to you intently. Confidence shows that you know what’s going on.

4. Showing knowledge

Being knowledgeable reinforces that you know about the subject that is being spoken. If you know something that the other doesn’t, they will want to listen.

3. Being persuasive

It’s easier to say yes to something that has valid reasoning than to something that is merely an empty and bland statement.

2. Being calculated

You know what you want, how you are going to get there and best of all, data to back your claims. Now go get ‘em. Showing anticipated results will help greatly.

1. Overcoming rejections swiftly

Try to anticipate and overcome rejections in a swift manner. If you can do this without stuttering it will show that negative response has already been acknowledged and it won’t be a problem.

Next time you want to express an idea, justify yourself with these 5 points in mind! It will greatly aid in your pursuit to get what you want.

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Erhan Erkilinc

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