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Professional Resume Writing and Recruiting Service in Brisbane and Sydney


The below is a list of FAQs which should help you decide on how this service should benefit you.

There are many resume writers out there, why should I choose you?

Yes there are and as a matter of fact there are other companies who are also skilled in this type of service. However, we have been around for years and have a track record of achieving positive results.

But you are not local to me.

A benefit of resume writing services is that they can be operated 100% online. Even if you live locally, there is no requirement for an in-person consultation. If you require hardcopies of your resume, they will be posted out, free of charge.

How many pages are your resumes?

The average resume prepared by us is usually two pages long, but it depends on how much information you have to offer. Your resume should not be too long as an employer generally does not have time to read pages of information.

What are your prices?

The service is a flat fee of $210 for a resume. Cover letters are $50. However, if you require both, the total fee is $240 which is a saving of $20. This includes phone consultations and resume / interview advice as required.

Free resume / interview advice?

Yes, we offer free resume and interview advice, as part of our service to you.

Are there any additional costs?

Not at all.

Where is the value in paying for a single use cover letter?

It is granted that paying for a single use cover letter can be risky. So, what we have done to ensure value for money is incorporate a generic cover letter and provide a free review on the first cover letters written by you. The generic cover letter is attributed with highlights and many tips to ensure you have it written with effect and without constantly paying for extra cover letters.

Ok, I have taken too much time reading the details and I need to be quick. What do I do?

On the right you will see an Enquire form. Just take a moment to fill it out. Enjoy the rest of your day.