A great career is write around the corner... A great career is write around the corner...
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Professional Resume Writing and Recruiting Service in Brisbane and Sydney

Recruiting Service (for employers)

Zique Solutions provides a recruiting service for employers to source and place ideal candidates into advertised positions. Outsourcing the recruitment process can save you time, money and unnecessary hassle, here’s how:

  • Recruiting isn’t an easy task. While there are many people seeking jobs, finding a suitable candidate-employer match can be quite difficult. It takes a professional who is experienced in identifying talented job seekers to place a suitable match.
  • Your time is important. You should be focusing on the important aspects of your role – you didn’t create a successful entity by doing non-dollar productive tasks. Recruiting is no different. Instead of spending days or even weeks sifting through resumes leave it to the professionals. We take on the burden so you can enjoy the end result, that is a fantastic employee.
  • Recruiting isn’t just about writing a job advertisement and waiting for that ideal candidate, it’s also about prospecting for the ideal employee. Searching for ideal employees takes a lot of time and skill, and if you don’t have staff dedicated to this activity then you are halving the chance of finding someone great.

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Recruiting Service (for job seekers)

Looking for a job can be difficult. If you are seeking a new and exciting career please get in touch with us as we might have positions available for you.

Our Guarantee

We know that paying a fee for a product which might not be suitable can be scary but we alleviate this problem. In accordance with our Terms of Business you do not pay a placement fee unless the employee has completed their probation period, or 90 days (the lesser period taking precedence) has elapsed from the commencement of their placement.

This confident guarantee means we work in your best interest to ensure the selected candidate becomes a quality, long lasting employee.