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Although resumes can be considered subjective, there are some common black and white mistakes people make in preparing a good resume. The following is not an exhaustive list, but just some common ones.


Unless you are applying for a position in the creative industry, it is best to keep your artistic flair at bay. However, it does not mean you should be at the opposite end of the spectrum and make it look as if it was prepared using a typewriter. There is a fine balance between visual appeal and professionalism.


Ensure your document presents your skills, strengths and other details relevantly. There are multiple reasons for this. Firstly, it makes you look organised and prepared. Secondly, Employers are very busy, they do not have time to read irrelevant details. If there is too much clutter they will dismiss your resume without discovering your capabilities.


Just like the tip on colours, unless you are applying for a modelling position photographs are unnecessary. If you are hired based on your looks, you probably would not want to work for the company to begin with. Bear in mind personal presentation and being well groomed are important factors.

Spelling Errors

Everyone makes mistakes and although it would be advisable to ensure 100% accuracy, one or two minor errors may be overlooked. But definitely make sure you appreciate the importance of overall presentation including grammar and punctuation. If your document looks like a printed mobile phone text message, it will not be taken seriously.

Excessive Paragraphs

Ensure good use of dot points and small bursts of writing. A long resume with lines of information is equivalent to the feeling of reading a whole page of a novel just to find the point of something you are after. You probably get the idea.