We’ve all been in an environment of thanklessness and while the adage “being paid is our way of thanking you” technically holds true, a boss who knows how to be great will yield better results from a happier employee, you know… “Treat me right, and I’ll give it back to you ten-fold?” – You tend to want to help those who help you. So, the real question is, how do you make an employee happy? It’s simple; treat them well! Personally, I have worked for terrible bosses and I have worked for great ones and I know that working for a terrible boss can be an absolute drag.

Here are 5 signs that you work for a great boss:

1. They listen to your ideas and contributions

This one is hard to come by but if you find a boss with this quality – you know they are a keeper! It’s good to work under someone’s command that has excellent leadership skills. However, sometimes – just sometimes – a little idea from a little employee might in fact be a great solution to that long standing problem that just seemingly did not have a solution. A good boss will know that people from all walks of life can introduce a new perspective to problems, regardless of technical rank.

2. They don’t question every single motive

A boss who doesn’t micromanage is a boss who understands that the bigger picture is more important. A good collaboration should be on the basis of “Boss, give me the mission, and I’ll sweat the little stuff to get us there”. As they say, there are many ways to skin a cat and the boss should have faith that you, as an employee, can skin cat correctly *ahem* I mean, play the integral part in ensuring micro achievements are met. By the way, I actually don’t mind cats. In fact, I think all animals are great.

3. They say “we”

Yep, **we** are a team! When your boss says “we” it implies togetherness. Furthermore, “togetherness” implies a combined effort to achieve combined results.

4. Running late? Need a haircut? Sure thing!

An understanding boss knows things happen. Provided you keep your boss informed then there should be no qualms. This isn’t to say be late every day and book lunch time movie tickets; an expectation of responsibility should prevail. In return, you should reciprocate and maybe do an extra half hour after work, or perhaps get a bit of extra work done in the evening. It’s tit-for-tat really.

5. Motivation, not dictation

A not-so-great boss dictates and tells you to do things. A great boss motivates you and gets among the crowd to accomplish great goals. If you have a boss that tells you to do this or that, it’s not necessarily a bad thing; but at the opposite end of the spectrum if you have a boss that motivates, it’s definitely a great thing! Motivation inspires results. Dictatorship inspires tall dividing walls – like – really tall dividing walls. Wall tall enough to impress Donald Trump.

If you have a great boss, for the love of all things good – don’t take it for granted! They are great to work for and you get so much more accomplished. So next time you go to work, see if you can identify these traits in your boss and if they possess these traits then give them a hug for being great! Actually no don’t. It’s probably best to just carry on with work as usual.

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Erhan Erkilinc

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