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Okay, let’s not sugar coat anything – no matter how much preparation you go through, no matter how much you’ve told yourself in the mirror “You got this” – there’s a good chance that as soon as you enter the interview room, you will be shaking like a leaf. However, there are things you can think of to alleviate this (at least as much as you can). While a couple of these tips might seem a little strange on the surface, they will improve your approach when it comes to interviews.

1. Picture the interviewer naked.

Yep. Do it. Picture them as naked as a freshly peeled potato. Why? Because people in suits show a sense of authority, and when we are in front of a person of authority we get scared! Well, maybe not ‘scared’ – but you get the idea. The idea behind this process is to truly recognise the fact that these people interviewing you are no different to you or anyone else – they are in a job, and they are simply a human. Relax.

2. They are probably going to go home, open a beer, and watch the game on TV.

Okay, so what on earth does this have to do with anything? Well. Similar to the first point, the person interviewing you is not some kind of robot sent from the future to dominate mankind, they are just an every day person going about their duties, interviewing people, and doing other suit-wearing stuff. As soon as you realise that they are relatable, the invisible wall dividing the two of you disappears; when this wall disappears, you feel at ease and it’s like talking to a friend! So just like the first point, humanise the person and realise that when they get home, they will partake in normal activities just like you. So calm those nerves and rock that interview already!

3. literally imagine you don’t want the job.

When you think about the possibility of losing something which is desirable, the thought turns into fear, and that fear subsequently translates to being nervous. We often go into an interview nervous because we are afraid of slipping up and losing the opportunity. Try this – pretend that you do not want the job. This might sound easier said than done, but if you can genuinely pretend to not be phased by losing the opportunity, you will eliminate any fear of losing out, the elimination of fear not only enables you to focus more clearly, but you exude a higher level of confidence. However, take caution! If you overdose on this technique you might come across arrogant, and if you’re arrogant – well, you can kiss the opportunity goodbye.

4. In all seriousness, you’re probably doing yourself a favour if you don’t get the job.

Okay, NOW you’re probably thinking that I’ve lost the plot – hear me out. What are the odds, that the FIRST interview you land is the BEST opportunity you are running for? Let’s be real here, there are many opportunities out there (yes I know, it doesn’t make the job hunting process easier), so why would the first interview be the best opportunity? Think about the last time you went to purchase or rent a house/dwelling, did you jump at the first opportunity? Of course not. You put the feelers out and looked at other offers to compare & contrast. I could almost bet that you made a decision after looking around, and it was probably NOT the first opportunity you had.

So where am I going with this you ask? Well, if you eliminate the fear of missing out by understanding that there are other opportunities out there, you then hold yourself high with a “boss” mentality – so to speak. This mentality enables you to be more confident, and a lot less nervous (if at all). Statistics are your friend, and it’s no different to the job seeking process.

5. crack a joke.

This one can be considered a little risky, but if done appropriately, it can relieve tension and make the interview a lot warmer. Be careful though, a bad joke can set a bad impression, so make sure it’s appropriate! What I find works best is to treat the interview as you normally would, and once you identify an opportunity to say something witty – take the shot! Believe it or not, interviewers appreciate a good joke too. A good sense of humour goes a long way and the best thing is, you don’t necessarily need to be a comedian to be funny, you just need to be natural.

Hopefully these tips will enable you to relax a little at your next interview. If you have any questions or would like to have a chat – feel free to get in touch! We can do a little interviewer/candidate roleplay too – I can always spare 5 minutes to help someone in need!

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